John Wiseman Photography


Respectfully Intruding II - M16 Art Space, Canberra

Coming 5 November to 22 November 2020


A collection of photographs exploring the world and wildlife around us.

Respectfully Intruding - The Maud Street Photo Gallery, Brisbane

August to September 2014

Respectfully IntrudingRespectfully IntrudingRespectfully Intruding

The intoxicating excitement of the animals of Africa; the size, beauty and grace of these creatures and the love of the chase. The reward for the sometimes-thrilling patience is the delivery of that satisfying moment in time. And to know, that for the subject, nothing has changed. I have just intruded for a rare moment. The concentration through the viewfinder allows me to be immersed in, and enjoy the “priceless” moment.

Then to experience the wonders and romantic beauties of Central America, the rich coast of Costa Rica, capturing the unique Hummingbirds with their extraordinary colours. These birds have the fastest wing speed on earth, and are the only bird able to fly backwards. The dwarf-bee hummingbird is the smallest of all birds.

And of course there are the creatures that are not obvious favourites. My close-up and telephoto lenses provide an opportunity for a unique appreciation of the magical colours of the frogs and snakes that are often unseen. Wildlife photography means so much to me. It provides absolute privilege in worlds I had previously not known existed. If there is a theme beyond appreciating the privilege, it is the wonder of wildlife both large and small in two vastly different environments.

John Wiseman on Safari - Ken Duncan Galleries, Erina Heights

1 September to 10 September 2017

John Wiseman on SafariJohn Wiseman on Safari

For many years, John ran a very successful financial planning business. He travelled whenever he could – joining Ken on 9 expeditions in Australia and overseas – and learned everything he could about taking photos, with Ken and with other photographers. He has now retired from the world of finance to concentrate full-time on photography.

“In all the years I’ve been teaching about photography”, said Ken, “I’ve never come across anyone with such passion and determination as John Wiseman. He has taken every bit of knowledge he could glean, and used it to reinvent himself.”

Photographing exotic birds and big game has become John’s primary passion. And now he is honoured to be exhibiting in the Gallery of his mentor, Ken Duncan.

Flight of the Humming Bird in Ecuador - Residence of the Embassy of Ecuador, Canberra

5 August 2019

John WisemanJohn Wiseman

John Wiseman has been an avid photographer travelling around the world. In Ecuador he conquered the art of photography and was a recent finalist in the Epson NSW Professional Photographer Awards - Nature Category 2019.

Capturing exotic birds and big game has now become his passion and he has committed himself full-time to his wildlife photography.

This presentation gives an exclusive insight into the beauty of Ecuadorian wildlife highlighting the stunning birdlife, flora and fauna.